Everyday, there are plenty of opportunities for us to learn how to read and listen to English using the immense amount of information and entertainment we are exposed to. However, there is very little opportunity for us to experience speaking English directly, especially on a regular basis.

We, at SPICUS, believe it is our mission to provide the optimal environment where you can both practice your skills, and prepare yourself to be calm and collected when you are confronted with English. This is especially important when you are exposed to English in an unexpected manner.

We understand there are limits of teaching English through online lectures. However… One piece of advice from a great tutor can be the greatest of help for you in the long run. And, one word of praise from a native English speaker can be your biggest confidence booster.

After becoming independent from SK Group, we had to adapt to being in an environment where smaller businesses had difficulty growing. However, after gaining a foothold in 2013, we began accelerating the integration of our content with IT. While everyone is ignoring the development of new content due to the reduction of the English market for Koreans, we are continuing to make progress in becoming a company that leaves lasting impressions while learning more and more methods for creating improved content and a new environment surrounded by IT.


    Began developing phone English services through the business incubation of SK Communications N-iTUS
    Began providing educational services for employees of SK Group


    Became independent from SK Group as SPICUS Inc.
    Received investments from Altos Ventures, BonAngels, SAEHANVentureCapital

    2010 - 2012

    Local tutor center in USA established
    Local tutor center in the Philippines established
    Began providing phone English and OPIc services to Samsung Group Credu (now called Multicampus)

    2013 - 2014

    Reorganization and internalization of the platform
    of the completed learning contents management system (LCMS)


    Business Course completed
    Leadership training held
    Mobile app for learning completed


    Tutorsgear (linked to Cloud LMS) completed
    Movie Course and Interview Course completed
    OPIc Course and SPA Course completed


    Updated General Conversation Courses using Youtube videos and AI Voice Recognition Technology
    Launched a new Business Course titled Business English For Rookies for new employees
    Updated the mobile app UX for learning
    Merged with EnglishCentral, a global English education company

Ian Park / CEO

서울대학교 법과대학 졸업
전 SK컴즈 경영전략실장
둔해 보이지만 멈추지 않는 혁신의 리더

Allen Gil / Head of Biz. Dev. Dept.

전남대학교 사학과 졸업
McGill Univ. (Canada)
튜터를 활용한 모든 비즈니스 총괄

Moo Suk Kang / Head of Project Dev. Dept.

홍익대 브랜드매니지먼트과 대학원 졸업
아름다움과 사용성을 동시에 충족하는 남자

Yu Kyung Ahn / Business Soport Manager

서울여상, 중앙대 영어영문학과 졸업
전 KTB 투자증권 재무팀
그녀가 OK면 만사형통


Columbia Univ. 대학원 졸업
전 Deloitte consulting in NY
이보다 더 착할 수 없는 남자

Byeon Seon Jong / Biz. Dev. Dept. Manager

한국해양대학교 졸업
전 능률영어 대학사업팀
사업이고 뭐고 장가 가는게 최우선인 남자

Jason Cho / TF Manager

중앙대 일어일문과 졸업
전 시공교육 서비스기획팀
스피쿠스 정책을 마케팅에 담아내고자 노력 중

Ivan Jung / Contents Dev. Manager

선문대 동시통역대학원 졸업
결혼식 없이 신혼 여행 갔다 온 남자

Shinah Kim / Marketing Manager

전 디시인사이드 광고제휴팀
전 로그인디 마케팅팀
숫자를 사랑한 문과생
고객의 지갑보다 마음에 관심이
많은 마케터

Byeong Gyu Yoo / Development Manager

전 휴넷 서비스개발팀
시스템 자동화와 마케팅에
관심이 많은 개발자

Da Young Gul Byeon / Design Manager

디테일의 여왕
평소에는 털털하면서도 일에 있어선 날선 주장과 꼼꼼함을 가진 커러어우먼

JINA CHOI / Business Administration Manager

일할 때만큼은 똑부러지는 그녀
웃음이 끊이지 않는 관리팀의 핵심인물

Yoo Sin Kim / Head of the Philippines Center

De La Salle University 영어교육학 석사 수료
필리핀 현지 튜터센터 총괄


A new culture of education that combines various methods of teaching with your phone.
Brand Expansion

The key to English speaking practice is to maximize speaking. Ever since we started our services 10 years ago, our philosophy for learning English has remained the same, even if the general learning environment has gone through, and is continuing to go through, changes.

While the paradigm shifts from computer-based learning to mobile learning, the core value of maximizing the amount of speaking while learning has not changed.

This is shown by incorporating AI speech recognition technology and YouTube-based learning content to our study materials and coursework.

Now, with SPICUS and EnglishCentral coming together to become one, we believe we will be able to give even more learners the chance to experience learning English with our core value in mind.


Quality control of Value chain

(Mobile learning environment → VoIP / WebRTC → Tutor → Contents → Learning management ) We have tried to make the quality of each step the greatest it can possibly be. However, we are consistently reviewing and improving our learning management, as well as the learning modules that are appropriate for each course and each level. After all, there is nothing in this world that can’t be improved.

Study flow

10 minutes with a tutor? Maybe even 20 minutes? Nah. That’s not enough. At the end of the day, you need to preview → study → review. Faithful preparation for class will make learning convenient in any type of environment or situation. But don’t just leave it at that. Taking the time to review and reflect on what you have learned will complete the flow of study.

Focus on core value

The essential characteristic of 1:1 phone English classes is “real-time interaction”. We have continued to develop small, but essential, functions to support this immediacy and interchange. We have created what we need from the learner’s point of view, because that is the most important. If you previewed the content for your lesson and already thought of what to say, you can share that with your tutor right away. If you click on an unfamiliar word, you can view the definition right away. If you have a question, you can get the answer right away. Everything is done right when you want it while the class is going on. Every tutor’s screen has a reliable guideline for them to follow, all the while changing dynamically to fit the situation.

Hybrid or Convergence

In order for us set the tone for our students to experience diverse content, learning objectives, and learning environments, we need to think outside the box. It isn’t enough for us to look at the preexisting content and designs of what we have been providing. One example is creating a hybrid class by integrating Tutorsgear, our platform that uses Cloud LMS, with offline classes. We are not limited to only teaching conversational English. With this in mind, we are able to accommodate the educational purposes of companies, universities, and specialized training institutions. This type of new education culture is what SPICUS aims to continue to improve for our learners’ benefits.


Average time









Tutor Center

After becoming independent from SK Group, SPICUS established local offices in the US and the Philippines. We could easily just claim that our phone English services from these regions are number one, and that’s it. However, we want to focus on other factors, too. SPICUS does not separate our English tutors from their education services and supply them to other vendors. We value every single one of our tutors. We have over 5 years of experience operating overseas centers.


Richard Dorsey, the head of the US branch, and Sangkyun Kim, head of the Philippines branch, have been in charge of recruitment, training, and QA for our tutors since the establishment of those branches. We are faithfully performing the role of conveying the diverse opinions of our learners while fulfilling promises to improve working conditions of the tutors.

with Friends

Business to Business

As of 2018, SPICUS offers a variety of customized language and job training services, with a focus on leadership, to more than 100 different companies, universities, and public institutions.

Business to University

In the past, educational services for universities generally focused on TOEIC. However, it was important for us to reflect on the fact that everyone was neglecting students’ overall achievements and their capabilities for the future.


Marketing Inquiries

Marketing Team

서비스/마케팅 제휴 문의
Education Service Requests or Inquiries

Business Management Team

서비스/마케팅 제휴 문의
Service Contents Inquiries

Contents Development Team

서비스/마케팅 제휴 문의